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Bambookas are made of a species of giant bamboo. As well as being very strong, bamboo has a number of environmental benefits. It grows so fast that its carbon dioxide absorption far out performs wood, plus we do not have to worry about depleting the rain forest! Would it even be possible that a Bambooka frame has a negative carbon footprint? Eyewear Africa sells Bambooka sunglasses as a way of raising funds. Instead of just asking people for money, we think it is more effective and sensible to sell a real stylish product, and use the profit to the benefit of people who really need it. We like helping people become independent and empowered. Recently, Bambooka teamed up with Vision Aid Overseas, an international charity who are fighting poverty by transforming access to eye care. This means that each pair of Bambooka sunglasses sold is enough for an eye test and vision correction for those in need in 5 African countries.

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