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It’s a shame how people start to see all their imperfections when choosing a pair of spectacles. Here is the standard guideline for face shapes: Round Face - Create definition and structure with rectangular frames. Square Face- Angular faces is soften by rounder frames. Oval Face - Square and bold shapes will enhance your features. Heart Shape Face - Balance your features with deeper frames such as the classic aviator style. With recent focus on body image, defining beauty and gender neutral styling, is no better time to throw out the rule book. Set your own trend and embrace your unique features. It’s a shame how people start to see all their imperfections when choosing a pair of spectacles. ‘Wabi-Sabi’ - The Japanese philosophy that finds the beauty in imperfection. ‘sabi’ alludes to the beauty or serenity that comes with age.
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People often believe that failing eyesight is the cause of aging or eye strain. In fact, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help to lower the risk of eye problems. Five best foods for eye health and eye sight are fish, nuts, seeds, carrots and leafy green vegetables. All enriched with essential vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids. If you have any concerns about your eye health, you can arrange an appointment with one of our featured opticians at
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Let the Colour of Spring lift your spirit and brighten your days! Colour is the inspiration for the Spring/Summer 2019 Collection at Safarro Eyewear. 'Colour is a Power which directly influences the soul' - Wassily Kandinsky. The Pantone colour of this year is Living Coral, soft hues that energises and enlivens. So this Spring, be bright and breezy and bring some colour into your Eyewear. Safarro Eyewear is hand-made Italian eyewear, which infuses iconic style and individuality into each design with creativity and passion.
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This is number 12 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals agenda adopted by World leaders at a historic UN summit in 2015. As a conscious consumer, why not take some time to research eyewear brands that align with your values and help contribute to sustainability? Discover brands such as Monkey Glasses at Optique-Hub who are championing biodegradable solutions.
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Lapworth Opticians is a young family owned practice, with roots in the local community of Giffnock, Glasgow. Jamie and Carole Lapworth employ their skills, experience and love for optics in every aspect of Lapworth Opticians. Every examination is of the highest quality to ensure your health and vision comes first. After the exam we will sit down with you and go over the results and explain all the options in regards to your eyewear and lenses.
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Light intelligent lenses. Transitions optical lenses are perfect for this time of of year. Ideal for the bright winter sun and overcast days with intermittent sunshine. An essential accessory for those 'shop till you drop' days in and out of shops ! They are available in a selection of fashionable colours and on trend as showcased by their brand ambassador Paloma Faith. A perfect look this season !
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Eyewear for conscious consumers. Look good, Feel good, Do good is the Eco concept. For each frame you purchase, a tree is planted to restore biodiversity and reverse environmental damage. Over 1.5 million trees have been planted by the brand. When you purchase ECO Eyewear, you minimise the use of new resources, resulting in less environmental impact. The range features sunglasses and optical frames with clip-ons.
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ABDO Did you know that an eye test is a vital health check for your eyes? Find out more with answers about eyecare & eyewear from ABDO UK.
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Hygiene is one of the most important factors in preventing infections and other problems that can affect not only the health of your eyes but also your long-term vision.Here are some dos and don'ts for cleaning your contact lenses-and the reasoning behind them.How to clean contact lenses
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La LOOP The first necklace for eyewear. Combining Fashion and Function. The Original. La Loop. The ultimate spectacle accessory.
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The family of vision and eye problems that arise from computer overuse is described as Computer Vision Syndrome (or CVS). Looking at a computer screen is different from reading printed pages, and often makes our eyes work harder.Glare and reflections, low contrast and poor definition make text difficult to read. The way we interact with computer monitors on our desks and with digital "pages" differs from how we read and write on paper. All of this extra load can cause or worsen eye problems.
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An eye examination checks the general health of the eye as well as just checking whether you need glasses or contact lenses. It should be part of your normal health routine, regardless of whether you think you need glasses to read, drive or watch TV.Most people should have their eyes examined every two years but you may need to have examinations more often depending on your age and medical history.
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Polycarbonate is a tough material with good UV protection that is used in making some sunglass lenses. It is great if you enjoy sport and want a robust pair of sunglasses that offers some protection too.
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Rassin&Shen:EyewearAccessories HOLD YOUR EYEWEAR CLOSE - Original D Eyewear Necklaces - Smiley Chains - Sunglasses - Readers
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Black and Gold at William Morris London. Carefully crafted with luxury acetate, this is a stylish take on retro, modern eyewear. A premium addition to the collection.
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Henry Morgan Opticians We have been providing high quality professional eye care since 1931. Based in Highams Park and Dagenham London
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