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This Black Friday consumers are increasingly on the look-out for brands that have value and ethics. Where we shop now has more to do with what the brand stands for as opposed to just looking for bargains. If you are a conscious consumer, why not take some time to research brands that align with your values and help contribute to sustainability. Monkey Glasses are a sustainable eyewear brand focusing on manufacturing which maintains safe production, improving zero waste policy such as reusing materials recycled from their production. 'By reusing everything as much as we can, such as recycled cardboard and plastic bottles for our packaging and polish cloths therefore making zero waste accessories, and by using recyclable materials such as stainless steel… we are constantly trying to find ways to prolong the life of our products. ... By using biodegradable materials, we make sure that our products don’t harm the environment.' If you are thinking about the impact your money has, we encourage you consume with a conscience and invest in brands such as Monkey Glasses. They are also active supporters of causes like 'Save the Orangutan' and have adopted and welcomed Orangutan's such as Cinta and Nita to the Monkey Glasses family before they begin their journeys back into the wild. To find brands that align with your values, look no further than local independent opticians near you.